Sunday, February 12, 2012

Building Multi-Tenant Platform for Data Acquisition, Analysis Visualization

Multi-Tenant Data Access Security :
Cross-Organization and Cross-Application SSO

Single sign-on for the cloud and SaaS - OneLogin

Multi-Tenant Data Compliance :
 Satisfy Data Compliance and Regulations and Data Encryption

Multi-Tenant Data Acquisition :
Multi-Tenant Data Acquisition , MDM, Data Cleansing, Data Mapping - Component :
Capture data from Multiple Apps for Multiple Tenants through the same 'Integration Platform'
"If it's Not Multitenant, it's Not Really SaaS." --

Mule+ion , Boomi+atom, Cast~Iron

Multi-Tenant Data Storage :
Scalable Elastic NoSQL or Partitioned RDBMS

Multi-Tenant Metadata Manager and Application Provisioning :

Multi-Tenant Data Analysis :
Extensible Rules and Queries - configurable across tenants.
Tenant-Aware Resource Access Rules

Multi-Tenant Data Service API:
Tenant-aware Resource Access Rules.
Tenant-aware Server, Sessions and Cache.
Tenant-aware Rest Services , Work-flow and Rules-Engine

Multi-Tenant Data Apps Server : (Cloud-enabled and Tenant-aware )
 Application Resource Allocation (App Server / DB Connection / Fail-over ) for all the tenants without stepping into each other's resources.
POD System is a popular recommended Multi-Tenant Model
-- PaaS script will automatically roll out new resources ...  its a mini-combo of (app-server, db, vm for a logical group of tenants)

Multi-Tenant Data Viz :
Multi-Tenant Charts/Graphs and Configurable Dashboards.
Pentaho , YellowFin

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benslin kard said...

Cassandra implements the BigTable data model but uses a design where data storage is distributed over symmetric nodes