Thursday, March 1, 2012

Setup Hadoop and Hbase Environment

Setup Apache BigTop

How to develop Big Data Pipelines for Hadoop
I Didn't Know You Could Do All that with Hadoop
Storm: distributed and fault-tolerant realtime computation
Hadoop Plugin for MongoDB: The Elephant in the Room

StrataConf 2012 Hive Tutorial
Hadoop Data Warehousing with Hive

Cloudera Hbase Training

Hadoop on Amazon AWS

Build and Run Hadoop Java program with Ant and Maven

Machine Learning on Big Data with MapReduce

Hbase & NoSQL Comparison :

Beyond Hadoop : Stream based Messaging (Storm / Kafka )

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Building Multi-Tenant Platform for Data Acquisition, Analysis Visualization

Multi-Tenant Data Access Security :
Cross-Organization and Cross-Application SSO

Single sign-on for the cloud and SaaS - OneLogin

Multi-Tenant Data Compliance :
 Satisfy Data Compliance and Regulations and Data Encryption

Multi-Tenant Data Acquisition :
Multi-Tenant Data Acquisition , MDM, Data Cleansing, Data Mapping - Component :
Capture data from Multiple Apps for Multiple Tenants through the same 'Integration Platform'
"If it's Not Multitenant, it's Not Really SaaS." --

Mule+ion , Boomi+atom, Cast~Iron

Multi-Tenant Data Storage :
Scalable Elastic NoSQL or Partitioned RDBMS

Multi-Tenant Metadata Manager and Application Provisioning :

Multi-Tenant Data Analysis :
Extensible Rules and Queries - configurable across tenants.
Tenant-Aware Resource Access Rules

Multi-Tenant Data Service API:
Tenant-aware Resource Access Rules.
Tenant-aware Server, Sessions and Cache.
Tenant-aware Rest Services , Work-flow and Rules-Engine

Multi-Tenant Data Apps Server : (Cloud-enabled and Tenant-aware )
 Application Resource Allocation (App Server / DB Connection / Fail-over ) for all the tenants without stepping into each other's resources.
POD System is a popular recommended Multi-Tenant Model
-- PaaS script will automatically roll out new resources ...  its a mini-combo of (app-server, db, vm for a logical group of tenants)

Multi-Tenant Data Viz :
Multi-Tenant Charts/Graphs and Configurable Dashboards.
Pentaho , YellowFin