Thursday, January 3, 2008

Java : Innovate more Code less - Sun Mantra

Sun Tech Days started with tremendous euphoria at Hyderabad..
As Rich Green was cheering ... Innovate more Code less .. waving his hand like a magic wand - the hidden gems started sparkling from Sun Showcase !

The audience was taken for a joy ride !
Yah .. talking about the dazzling demos of sunny technologies.

Imagine you are tilting your Mobile and the sprite ball is moving in that direction ! So you have to be really good at handling your mobile to win the game :-) ....that was a super-cool Java ME stuff !

And, how about drawing image, transforming and animating it ... with few drops of declarative script abstracting out the whole deep sea of swing !
Yes JavaFX is the most promising dynamic GUI scripting language .. amazingly simple to use wrapping up all Java 2D features.
Its interpreted as you keep typing .. can see the result .. and then add next feature incrementally ..! No extra coding for listener and data binding - all automatic. Just provide declarative actions !

Next big thing was the marriage ceremony of Web 2.0 and SOA ...
Just drag-n-drop a yahoo calendar, dojo combo and google map widgets!
Spend few more seconds.. to select a date only to fetch the places of tech days in combo .. select the place... Oaao .. Google map will take you there right on spot !
A dream come true for any enterprise!
Data Federation made so easy by the great mashup enabler - jmaki !
Catch up all the latest Mashup Magic on programmable web.

Wait .. fasten your seat belt as you dive in another demo ... you have to see to believe it .. how simple it is to move a robot using a small java program :-)
Java Sun SPOT (Small Programmable Object Technology) .. simplicity at its best !
A big boon for control system programmers.
It is a revolutionary technology to develop embedded wireless applications.
Just network anything digital in your vicinity!

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