Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Big Win for App Developers - Cloud Foundry the PaaS Pioneer

Big Win for App Developers !

VMWare just inaugurated another road to Openness ! Welcome to Cloud Foundry !

The question is how much to Open Up and how Far to allow the user Explore !!

Rails , Spring, Django, NoSqls, Node.js -- all developers frameworks usherd in new horizons of Programming Model thriving on core values of Portability, Productivity and Simplicity !

Now VMWare publishing them as Service .. empowering any developer to build a scalable system !
No longer need to wonder about secrets of great marvels of architecture like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare !

As per some of the other PaaS offerings are concerned, Salesforce+Heroku powerpack is defintely more geeky than Google' Simplistic App Engine !

Well MuleSoft recently launched first iPass i.e. Cloud-ready Integration Platform ! Mule has always been the darling of SMBs, a quick enabler of lightweight integration infrastructure.
Now VMWare's out-of-the box offering of RabbitMQ definitely adds to the delight of Programmers by offering more arsennels to create rapid-fire solutions !!!

Enough talk . lets see it happening !
Just import  Spring Travel App into STS, start a VMWare Server and deploy to Cloud Foundry.
Zero configuration... Huh !

Right now CloudFoundry is the most imporatant thing to happen !

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